Welcome to DXNow 2021!

Employees and customers alike, expect a seamless digital experience, regardless of where or how they choose to engage with your business. Yet many organizations struggle to meet these expectations. 

From silo-ed customer experiences where information doesn’t transfer across channels, to user frustration with digital devices that prevent employees from getting the work done, the digital experience has a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line.

DXNow is Aternity's Community Experience Summit created for, and delivered by, digital experience professionals. Join us to learn how you can unify and consistently deliver seamless digital experiences.




Dan Smoot

Dan Smoot

                            CEO and President                                  


Linda Hill

Linda Hill

Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration


Jennifer Talerico

Jennifer Talerico

Sr. Director of Services and Solution Enabling, Client Computing Group


The Importance of Unifying Digital Experiences

DXNow brings together leaders from a variety of industries to share the latest innovations in technology and business processes for the digital enterprise. From increasing productivity to retaining talent to delighting customers, learn how all of this is possible as you scale your digital experience ecosystems.

Learn how to unify the digital experience across your organization:


Unify How People Work

Whether remote, hybrid, or in-office, ensure every employee experiences a consistently high-quality digital experience.

Unify Your Business Teams

Enhance the performance of your business by aligning every department to work toward common business goals with a unique digital experience strategy.

Unify the Customer Experience

Elevate the customer experience by providing a seamless digital experience across every channel.

Check out some of the highlights from last year's conference:

Marc Catalano

Associate Vice President, Global Employee Experience Technology

John Hancock

Amy Edmondson

Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management 

Harvard Business School

Stephanie Halford

VP Client Computing Group and GM Business Client Platforms (BCP)


If you're passionate about delivering a continuous, frictionless digital experience for employees and customers, DXNow is for you!